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What is a Pediatric Specialist?

A pediatric specialist has the advanced medical training and experience to treat children with special health care needs, chronic conditions, and complex medical and surgical issues. After completing a residency in general pediatrics, pediatric specialists continue training to become a subspecialist in an area addressing a child’s specific medical concern. These include but are not limited to endocrinology, gastroenterology, plastic and cleft surgery, and critical care.

Your family pediatrician may examine your child, then refer you to a pediatric specialist for further evaluation and treatment. General pediatricians have a broad base of knowledge but may lack the expertise obtained from additional years of training in a subspecialty. At Midwest Pediatric Specialists, we have spent decades honing our expertise in a specific area of children’s health.

Conditions may impact more than one part of the body. We use an integrative approach and collaborate among our seasoned specialists to diagnose and treat patients. Parents gain our combined expertise. Plus, we are more time- and cost-efficient compared to large children’s hospitals.

Beyond the additional training in their pediatric subspecialty, our doctors have chosen to take further steps to receive education and expertise. All our physicians are board-certified. Board-certification indicates continued education and passing of the certifying board’s examination. This demonstrates our pediatricians’ desire to practice at the top of their profession and deliver the highest possible level of quality care.

Our mission is to provide superb pediatric specialty care through clinical excellence, up-to-date advanced diagnosis and treatment protocols, and family-centered care.

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